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Pinkie Paranya has a book that is newly available: Life in a Nut Shell

Life in a Nut Shell

You won't want to miss its short stories, essays and what-not.
Check out the back cover write-up over here.

Pinkie Paranya was
one of the speakers at the

Titled “Come Adventuring With Me” this seminar was held on Saturday Feb. 18, 1:00pm-2:00pm.

“Join traveler and author Pinkie Paranya for a discussion of her books that take you to exotic locales and range from thrillers to comedies and romantic adventures. This well traveled writer's work will be featured in an upcoming Hallmark television special.”

Registration and much more information
about the 2017 Yuma Hamfest
is available at the Hamfest website. Click below:
2017 Yuma Hamfest
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2017 Yuma Hamfest SEMINARS


Black Opal Books published a special book of short stories.

One story included is by Pinkie Paranya.

If you click the images to the left, you can see the nicely-designed postcard with more information.


This is the first in the Women of the Northland trilogy, Raven Woman.

The entire Raven Woman series is being re-published by Black Opal Books.


Tiana, Gift of the Moon and Sedna, North Star Raven Woman are the other two Raven Woman books. Sample chapters are available on this site.



. . . offered by professional author of 12 books. Eight books have sold and are in print. Served many times as judge in writing contests. Reasonable rates. Email me at for information.


You can order autographed copies of Pinkie Paranya’s books right here!

To order autographed copies of Sebastian of King's Ransom, Saga of Sourdough Red, Romancing a Tasmanian Cowboy,  Raven Woman, Tiana, Gift of the Moon, Herr Schnoodle & McBee, One... Two... Buckle My Shoe, or Treasure of the Amazon, please email me at with your request, and I will send you an autographed copy of the book(s) along with laminated bookmarks and a special little memento.

You will also receive my invoice, which you can pay with check or money order. Each book is priced on the cover, from $12.00 to $15.00, and we can split the postage, so your cost is $2.00 for mailing.


Poem Set Four

We’ve added a new set of Pinkie’s poems. Click here to go straight to the new batch.

Pinkie’s Poetry is featured on this website

What’s a good way to get a glimpse into the inner soul of a writer? One way is to read and consider their poetry. This is an approach that can be quite different from — but nevertheless complements — the reading of the author’s books. Now, readers can finally do both! Here is the first set of Pinkie Paranya poems we provided.


Great Yuma Sun article!

Actually, there are more than one. At Yuma Sun, search on "Pinkie Paranya".

Paranya, spotlighted author at Mystery Lovers Corner!

Paranya’s mystery novel, Herr Schnoodle & McBee, was featured over at the Mystery Lovers Corner website. ("Sleuth Edit")

Book signings are a good way for an author to meet her reading public.

This one happened at Barnes & Noble in Yuma, Arizona.

A visitor can learn about newly published books at book signings.

The author can autograph books for purchasers.

Book fairs are a lot of fun too!

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The Yuma Sun discussed Pinkie’s book, Señora of the Superstitions. Another of their articles talked about Pinkie’s book, Tasmanian Rainbow.

A Yuma Sun photographer caught a glimpse of Pinkie with her book release, One... Two... Buckle My Shoe, in downtown Yuma.



“ . . . Paranya, one of this area’s most successful commercial authors, lives near Winterhaven, Calif.

“Publishing houses around the country, including such big names as Harlequin and Silhouette, have bought and published Paranya’s books. She . . . ”

The various Yuma Sun links to
articles and photos have become obsolete.
But you can still search for them over there.


Yuma Potpourri Artists . . .

. . . has added Pinkie to their website. Go see their Artist's Gallery.

Book Bytes . . .

. . . features Herr Schnoodle over here!

Pinkie Paranya & her booksHere we have a photo of Pinkie Paranya with some of her books displayed.

Click to see a larger version.

Pinkie ParanyaPinkie attended a Book Fair in Sierra Vista.



“Page one pulls you into the story, and you don’t want out, even when it ends.”

— New Zealand Vacation Book Review



“In the course of wearing the many hats... as publishers, editors, ‘marketeers’... we get to meet a variety of incredibly interesting and talented people. One of these is Pinkie Paranya, author of ‘Raven Woman’ . . .”

— Southwest Blend Magazine



“Paranya evokes the reader’s empathy and admiration for this incredible young woman. In addition to relating an extraordinary adventure, the highly talented author makes it easy for us to care about what happens to Tiana and the people she loves.”

— Reel Talk Movie Reviews



“Pinkie Paranya has written a vivid descriptive book about the strength and toughness and tenderness and zest for life and survival of the first couple generations of women in the early days before Alaska was Alaska.”

— New Zealand Vacation Book Review

Read book synopses.

Read full book reviews.


Pinkie ParanyaPinkie Paranya (who also writes under the name, P. K. Paranya) is an established writer, with 12 novels, more than 50 poems, and multiple gardening articles to her credit.

She is also an artist whose paintings and photographs have been shown in several galleries, a master gardener, and an advocate for children and animals.

Her volunteer work has included . . .

Read biography.


Sample Chapters

We have a special treat for those anxiously awaiting the next book, like a small taste from the kitchen before a gourmet meal, and an especially tasty sample for those whose appetite has yet to be whetted by a Pinkie Paranya book. Dig in! Enjoy! Bon Appétit!

Read sample chapters.


Attention Reading Groups

I am offering a free advance copy to any interested reading group moderator.  If the group chooses my book, I will send laminated bookmarks and an autographed bookplate for the readers. Interested? Email me at


Free Gift from the Author

If you send an email saying where you bought a Pinkie Paranya book, along with your mailing address, I will gladly send you an autographed bookplate and laminated bookmark. It’s my way of saying “thank you”.

Question FeatherQuestion Feather

Click here to learn about this traditional tool of the Northern Native American tribes.



I have a page where I will, from time to time, add links to places on the internet of interest to me, and possibly to you.

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St. Louis Sam & the Desperados

St. Louis Sam & the Desperados

Getting from St. Louis, Missouri, in 1874 to the Arizona Territory is a frightening step for brother and sister, Garth and Samantha. They need to prove their uncle Millard Tremayne’s treachery in their father’s financial ruin and suicide. So far, their uncle retains their guardianship and inheritance. Since the uncle is secretly setting up a dynasty out West to eventually rid himself of his family and waspish wife, Sam and Garth follow his trail to a town called Powder Keg in Arizona. There the brother and sister collect a band of misfits to help them sabotage Uncle Millard. Mayhem, treachery, intrigue, humor and romance follows. A Five-Star LASR review and a link to LASR site is given here.

Booksellers links page.

When Angels Sleep

When Angels Sleep

Here is a new cozy mystery published by Black Opal Books.

Some marriages are riddled with secrets and Edwina's husband left many after his death. In this story of surviving widowhood with a sense of humor, only Edwina's tenacity can unravel the mysteries of money, the mob, and how to serve a subpoena to a tatooed biker . . .

Booksellers links page.

Heart of Jade

Heart of Jade

An archeologist searches for a lost treasure in the Mayan jungle through many adventures, encountering a fascinating man from another time who teaches her to love and trust again. SIENNA McFARLAND, archeologist, is searching for a missing piece of the Maya calendar in the jungle to support her late parent’s obsession with finding this artifact. An earth tremor opens in the ruins and throws her into a cenote, a deep well. Unconscious, she lands on the sarcophagus containing PRINCE BALAM, a shaman warrior who awakens to find her lying next to his coffin . . .

Booksellers links page.

Raspberry Rainbows: A Celebration of Discovery

Raspberry Rainbows

A book of memories; tearful, joyful, and thought-provoking that most women, young and old, can relate to. Regrets in life don't have to overshadow our later years but can help us begin to understand our purpose in life.

Sedna, North Star Raven Woman


This is the third book in the Raven Woman trilogy.

When Sedna, Raven Woman, and her clan of Inuit people discover a Viking ship wrecked on the shores of their Arctic island in the spring of 975 AD, Sedna is warned by the Raven Mother not to let her people kill the lone Norseman aboard. Heeding the warning, she stands between him and her angry tribe, causing her people to shun and distrust her. Thanks to her intervention, the Viking, Rolv, lives to repair his ship and sail to his home on a nearby island, where he has been banished for a year by his father, Eric the Red, in Greenland. When Rolv leaves Sedna’s island, he kidnaps her, certain that her own people will slay her as punishment for defending an outsider. But he knows nothing of how to survive in the harsh environment . . .

Read sample chapter.

Tiana, Gift of the Moon

Tiana, Gift of the Moon

Second in the award-winning Women of the Northland series, Tiana, Gift of the Moon continues the saga of the Raven Women — descendants of the Raven Mother — shaman who brave the harsh climate and the primitive nature of the earliest people of North America . . .

Read sample chapter.

Raven Woman: Revised Second Printing Available

Raven Woman

(The new version contains extras that the first version didn't have.)

These are the adventures of Raven Woman, the first book in the award-winning Women of the Northland series about the lives of women in the ancient arctic.

A young Inuit child watches her family drown when she is shipwrecked among strangers, and Umiak’s life changes forever. Alone, and perceived by her rescuers as a dangerous ilitkosiq, a troublemaker, Umiak bravely prepares to face a new world that must include defeating the angakuk, the shaman whose slave she becomes . . .

Read sample chapter.

Practice Makes Perfect: Published by Wild Rose Press

Married and so much in love, Taylor and Rick enjoy a perfect marriage, with a great relationship both in bed and out of it — except Taylor finds it impossible to overlook her 6'3" ex-football-player husband's obsession with medical books, doctors’ websites, and vitamin consumption. She is driven to change Rick's bizarre hypochondria (she calls it the Capital H) by concocting weird tricks that get him sidetracked. She fears Rick will become so consumed by his problem he will self-destruct, while she wants a baby and he says he isn't ready. He also claims he’s allergic to all kinds of pets, yet when Taylor impulsively rescues an Old English Sheepdog from certain death at the pound, conservative Rick ends up running naked through the woods in a thunderstorm looking for the runaway dog. Opposites attract—but is the laughter and passion they share in their mixed-up marriage enough to save the day?

Herr Schnoodle & McBee, a different sort of mystery novel

Herr Schnoodle & McBee

You can order this over here.

Alexander McBee is a bumbling private eye whose career is going nowhere until he rescues an ugly mutt — half schnauzer, half poodle — who starts solving cases for McBee. With a mix of humor, pathos, luck and pluck, McBee and the schnoodle roam the streets of NYC helping people and solving mysteries . . .

Read sample chapter.

One... Two... Buckle My Shoe: Paranormal Suspense

Order options are here.

A relentless predator drops out of nowhere, a killing machine, a parent’s worst nightmare come true. 

In One... Two... Buckle My Shoe, you’re about to meet THE BERNIES . . .


Read sample chapter.

Death Has No Dominion has a new cover

It's been newly released!

Print and eBook versions are available here.

How she explains her psychic powers. The electric static of the computer reacts with the energy field surrounding her psychic powers and forms the picture on the screen. Although that wasn't very scientific, it was the way she thought of it as happening. Who could explain such a thing? It just was. Death Has No Dominion takes the reader on a journey into the mind of a psychopath and the psychic detective who is the only one who could end his insatiable thirst for vengeance.

Read sample chapter.

Amazon Treasure: Newly Republished!

Print and eBooks are available.

Combine a sensually exotic, unpredictable setting, a wealthy businessman posing as an adventurous pilot down on his luck, a heroine searching for her roots, and a hidden fortune — and you have Treasure of the Amazon.

Marisa Elliott is a calm, conservative teacher of learning disabled children. For as long as she can remember her father, professor of history . . .

Read sample chapter.

Love Letters in the Wind: Available is Various Formats

Print and eBooks are available here.

More options can be found here.

She woke with the sense someone was watching her — she was right...

Casey didn’t know how long she’d been asleep. She sat up, rubbing her eyes and staring into the unsmiling face of a man on a huge, black and gray speckled horse. For a moment, she credited her imagination. Had she been dreaming? He seemed too big to be real. No, this man’s sudden appearance at their picnic in the woods was not a part of her imagination, she couldn’t have dreamed up anyone like him.

She looked toward Jake who still slept, curled in a ball, hands clasped beneath his cheek. Nothing would wake her son until he was finished sleeping. Casey leaped to her feet, hands on hips, ready to do battle. With a mouth lined in cotton, she had a hard time swallowing. Her pulses raced, and the vein in her neck throbbed.

He sat easily on the horse. With his dark green wool shirt tucked in the waistband of tight, well-worn jeans and boots firmly placed in the saddle stirrups, he could have stepped from the pages of a western novel. His eyes, the color of coffee, were fringed with sooty black lashes.

Observing the stranger’s impassive, stony visage, she worried about Jake. Would he wake up at the wrong time? She wondered what to use for a weapon if she had to.

The man swept off his hat, gesturing with it toward the canyon walls. “This is Tyree land. What are you doing here?” His voice was deep, coming from his wide chest. Definitely unfriendly.

Read sample chapter.

Señora of the Superstitions: Now Available!

Print and eBooks can be obtained by clicking here.

Can Jowanna McFarland survive in the sinister mountains long enough to find her missing father, solve the mystery of his buried treasure and stake a claim to the elusive heart of Kane Landry?

The old house stands in the desert, ringed in the distance by the ominous Superstition Mountains. In the night, winds whisper through the salt cedars, while somewhere in the dark, a puma screams a cry of death.

From up the narrow, shadowy staircase come noises no one is supposed to hear, the ghostly figure of a woman at the top of the stairway, and the pervasive, faint smell of perfume. Could it be the tragic ghost of the Señora of the Superstitions, a legend that has lived for a hundred years?

When Jowanna meets Kane, she is inexplicably drawn to this rough-hewn rancher but senses he holds secrets that could mean life or death to her.

Read sample chapter.

Saga of Sourdough Red: Available from The Wild Rose Press

Sourdough Red

Print versions and eBooks are available here.

Where was David? Had the ocean swept in over the ship deck and washed him overboard? Jenny’s heart raced as she peered out the porthole. The last time she’d seen her brother, he was racing across the deck of the ship, helping the crew. What did he know about walking on water-soaked decks with the ship half-tilting on its side?

The steamer tossed like a  . . .

Read sample chapter.


The Saga of Sourdough Red has some delicious and easy sourdough recipes, a few of which are available on my new recipes page. Check it out!

Romancing a Tasmanian Cowboy

Romancing a Tasmanian Cowboy

Print and eBooks can be obtained by clicking here.

Flynn’s cousin Suzy, once married to Marshall Beckett, reveals details of her awful marriage to a tyrant.  She begs Flynn to see if the son she left behind is okay and locate her hidden diary, a “matter of life and death.”  Flynn is at the crossroads of her life where she can renew her contract as a concert violinist and continue life as a world traveling musician or look for something she really longs for — a home and a special person to love and share her life.

She arrives at Marshall’s horse ranch, Rainbow’s End, under the pretense of answering his ad for a nanny.  But Suzy failed to tell Flynn that in the same ad, he advertised for a wife.  Marshall is burned out of love, not trusting anyone now and wants a woman to bear him children, without investing any emotional commitments.

When Flynn meets this rugged, coppery haired Tasmanian rancher, sparks fly between them . . .

Read sample chapter.

Sebastian of King's Ransom: Published by New Concepts Publishing

Sebastian of King's Ransom

Books are available here.

Can Celeste trust Sebastian in their marriage of convenience which flares with unexpected passion while a threatening presence prowls at night in the old house. Celeste Beaumont travels to an isolated vanilla plantation to meet her estranged grandmother. When she arrived she found her dying grandmother whispering fearfully about nightly intruders wandering the rooms of the old mansion. What could they want? . . .

Read more here.

Read sample chapter.

Pinkie Paranya Books . . .

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